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Family business: Defining strains of responsibility is paramount

by Stacey Santos

Claude Picasso as soon as stated: “I might have been born into any circle of relatives. I turned into fortunate that I changed into born to an artist as outstanding as Picasso, and Picasso became out to be the own family business.”

Family business: Defining strains of responsibility is paramount 2

Most of us who run our own family businesses can become aware of the words of Claude Picasso. There is the terrific delight that comes from trying to grow and build a dream that becomes nurtured with the aid of one’s circle of relatives. While I am now not the most critical believer in legacies, I recognize that there is an incredible obligation to hold in advance the organization built through preceding generations and, in turn, bypass it onto destiny generations. Today, the circle of relatives business is the maximum not unusual shape of the employer. Standard information is that the first technology begins the organization, the second one builds it, and the 0.33 destroys the business. However, with the pros come the cons. In particular, this is right because they are delivered up with silver spoons and need to begin their organizations. Also, they’re tech-savvy, talented, and armed with attractive foreign college tiers. But they also need to contend with the worry of the unknown. Not all startups that we see mushrooming nowadays are successful.

What are a few recommendations that I positioned into practice that can be adopted by way of future generations? I hope a number of those learnings from my studies will benefit the next generation of any own family business to keep safeguarding and developing the employer.


In most cases, a family commercial enterprise is founded through one man or woman. When the following technology takes over, it creates some other layer of complexity inside ‘energetic and passive’ owners. Those agencies which have greater complexity need to place the emphasis firmly on economic enterprise governance. This would consist of defining roles of the board and management virtually, putting guidelines for choice-making, building a strong leadership crew, and most significantly, ensuring that family members running inside the business have clear roles. Defining the strains of duty is paramount as it will help reduce feuds and arguments between family individuals on the method and how the commercial enterprise must be run.


I changed into an academic, who turned into thankfully doing my PhD from Cornell University in America. At the same time, my father requested me to come back lower back to India to take over my family enterprise. The corporation turned into suffering. I didn’t realize a thing about the enterprise. I have not been exposed to enterprise features, including accounting, HR, marketing, and others. However, I backed to India and learned the ropes of the commercial enterprise. I confronted a whole lot of resistance from people who didn’t think I had the skills to nurse the enterprise again to fitness. But I worked tirelessly, learned at the job, became the agency around, and made it worthwhile.


A commercial enterprise will run efficiently when the leadership is working toward a shared cause and a common purpose. It is important to be collaborative and take humans forward as opposed to following an autocratic approach. Assuming that several family members are proprietors of the enterprise, they all have to agree cohesively on a plan for increase and enlargement. This will ensure that the commercial enterprise may be taken to the next stage in a continuing way. It is also crucial for the agency to perform primarily based on a set of center values and philosophies that can set the tone and pave the way for the business to be run. Identifying what kind of lifestyle you need for the organization is essential too. Ultimately, it is even more critical to create an expert and open work subculture that could attract high-quality talent.


All folks worry about the unknown. We dislike alternate and like sticking to tried-and-examined strategies. However, in an own family enterprise, the ability, and openness to exchange need to come from the pinnacle. Every technology has to reinvent the employer. If you continue to be static, you are doing an extraordinary disservice to the enterprise. I also accept that you need attributes like ardor, drive, and dedication to make the enterprise an achievement. Therefore I strongly recommend that a few circles of relatives participants set up careers outside the business. It is essential to expand a skillset, get reviews and show yourself outside earlier than deciding to embark on a job within the circle of relatives enterprise.


For an enterprise to amplify, the enterprise needs to run smoothly without you. Therein lies the significance of succession planning… it’s far vital to make specific the commercial enterprise continues to develop and thrive. Succession planning wishes to be a concern in each own family business as early as viable. It is compulsory to mentor and teaches the future successor for at least a year or before the reins are passed. This will make sure a smooth and seamless transition without hiccups. If a family member doesn’t want to take on the enterprise, provision should be made to get a robust outside leadership board in place.

My advice would be to internalize screw-ups no longer, as they show up for many motives. There is continually a silver lining and technique to each hassle. I could urge the destiny generation to by no means give up on their dreams. Even though I am from the 0.33 era, I managed to construct TTK Group to the dimensions it’s miles nowadays. And if I, a confessed educational, should do it, I am confident every third-generation successor can do it. All it calls for is for them to use themselves and domesticate the abilities and enterprise understanding to take their own family business to the next degree.

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