Mumbai: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan who is making her debut as a radio jockey with a new show that talks about various social subjects together with sexism, bullying, body shaming etc. On Friday said that sexism is a common phenomenon international. Asked approximately being an actress in Bollywood and if achievement helped her to make the adventure less difficult or the pertaining sexism become still an obstacle, Vidya told the media here, “I think sexism does exist no longer handiest inside the film enterprise however in our society across the globe.”

“I could say that now, I even have placed myself in a role where it does now not affect me. Of direction, it has taken lots, and I completely empathise with folks who face that. But I likely insulated myself from a lot of these, cannot deny that sexism exists,” she said.

She will be website hosting a display on Big ninety two.7 FM titled Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho that goals to talk on numerous topics to result in a change in human beings’ attitude on extraordinary troubles.

As she stated all through the launch of the show that frame shaming might be one of the subjects, sharing how she individually connects with the issue, Vidya said: “In my early days, even before I entered the film industry, human beings stated numerous discouraging things approximately me, they are known as me “moti”, and I faced frame shaming.”

“It without a doubt influences our confidence,” stated Balan. Promoting physical health, she noted: “It shouldn’t be reaching an unrealistic aim to the appearance in a sure way and questioning that is beautiful.”


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