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Good credit score score isn’t always enough to get a mortgage. Here’s why

by Stacey Santos

For 28-12 months-vintage Aatish, liquidity changed into in no way a difficulty. His new process as a software program architect in a Bengaluru-based startup gave his career the essential thrust at the right time. Originally from Delhi, Aatish had to shop for fixtures for his rented rental and a brand new car to begin his lifestyle in a new city. Funding these new purchases thru loans become not a hassle as he had an awesome credit score rating.

Then, an unexpected illness inside the family forced Aatish to apply for every other personal loan to assist his circle of relatives with the clinical expenses. Given his credit score rating, he changed into certain his mortgage utility might be accredited. A timely fee of his education mortgage and credit card dues had helped build a strong credit record.

Good credit score score isn't always enough to get a mortgage. Here's why 2

But his application changed into rejected. While a good credit score score is a must, it doesn’t necessarily make sure that your mortgage software will be authorized. Aatish’s debt-to-income ratio of over 50% made him unworthy of securing further credit score, regardless of maintaining an excellent credit rating. Two of his 3 loans – training and personal loan – being unsecured didn’t assist topics both.

To illustrate, allow’s anticipate a person with a net monthly income of Rs 50,000 and servicing mortgage EMIs of Rs 15,000. After setting aside 50% of the income towards living expenses, he’s left with Rs 10,000. This makes him eligible for some other mortgage— say, a Rs 10-lakh domestic mortgage or a Rs 3-lakh private loan—as he can provide the extra EMI burden from the Rs 10,000 surplus cash with him. However, if his monthly fee rises to Rs 30,000, he might no longer be able to secure a mortgage from almost any lender.

Another component to preserve in thoughts is to avoid drawing close multiple lenders on an equal time as this will be counterproductive. This is due to a phenomenon referred to as ‘mortgage stacking’ that lenders defend in opposition to. Loan stacking occurs whilst a customer makes a couple of programs with distinct lenders simultaneously in an attempt to get a couple of mortgages before a lender realizes that some other lender has already given a loan to the applicant. Instead of using numerous lenders, one must study the quality alternatives on mortgage marketplaces as these help determine whether or not one is eligible to get a loan and may also endorse which lender to the method.

So, the factors to hold in mind are: live atop your price range, ensure that your credit score rating and document are healthful, and make certain that your debt obligations by no means exceed 50% of your profits. Also, avoid a couple of loan packages and study all of the options online, after which practice to the lender is high-quality acceptable to you.

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