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Difference Between Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders

by Stacey Santos

You may either use a freight forwarder or book a shipping line directly when it comes to shipping commercial or domestic goods. There are special roles for both freight forwarders and shipping lines, which may create confusion if issues arise during transit. We’ve clarified what each one is and their main differences to clear things up.

What’s a Freight Forwarder and a Shipping Line?

Via cooperation with shipping lines, truck companies, and so on, a freight forwarder provides the services required to import and export goods. A shipping line is a corporation that manages the container ships that transport to the destination port from the cargo port. These container ships are not operated by the freight forwarder; they operate with the shipping lines to carry the products of their clients.

Roles and Responsibilities

The facilities you need to ship your goods overseas are arranged by the freight forwarding company. This means that the transportation of the items

is completed by other service suppliers, including shipping lines.

Consider the shipping from Singapore to Australia process from start to finish, including the packaging of goods in the destination country for delivery. Throughout the entire process, a freight forwarder is there, coordinating all the services that connect seamlessly. They will manage the careful packaging of merchandise, transporting the goods to the port of Singapore, shipping abroad. This covers any difficult documents, as well as smooth customs clearance.

Once the goods are received at the dock, before they arrive at the destination port, the shipping line is liable. If your things are damaged or lost, marine insurance protects you, so taking out cover is highly recommended.

Although freight forwarders provide various modes of transportation by sea, air or land, a shipping line typically specializes only in one of these regions. To ensure your goods arrive as soon as possible, a freight forwarder may choose the best route.

Why Should I Use a Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarders, taking care of the operation, make shipping fast, so you don’t have to. They carefully schedule the best way to bring the cargo to its destination and have unique arrangements to negotiate fair rates with the shipping lines.

Freight forwarders add freight from different customers to reduce prices, suitable for those moving in limited quantities. They strive to bring goods to their destination as easily and cheaply as possible, using their experience and careful planning. If required, they will also complete any paperwork on your behalf.

One point of contact is provided by freight forwarders, meaning you won’t need to contact each service provider individually. Transport services to and from the port may not be offered by shipping lines, so you may need to arrange these separately if you book directly with them.

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