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How to be a philanthropist in five amazing ways

by Stacey Santos

“If only I were rich like Mark Zuckerberg, I would have paid the tuition fee for thousands of needy students.” That is a common notion that many people love to flatter with anytime the topic of philanthropy arises. While being rich means reaching many people and impacting them in bigger ways, philanthropy is more than just money. As a philanthropist, you can dedicate your time and devotion as part of a donation. After all, everyone is on the lookout for that self-fulfillment that reminds you that your life and resources can be valuable to other people too.

How to be a philanthropist in five amazing ways 2


That is why it is noble to come up with trustworthy Donor Advised Funds as early as now, to imprint a long-lasting legacy once it’s your time to join the maker. Remember, all that you need is professional planning and dedication to sailing off your philanthropy boat. However, besides such funds, how else can one become a philanthropist? Here are the five amazing steps that will see you making the dreams of the less fortunate come true:

1. Decide on who you want to support

You can join many organizations or even start your own if you feel like your interests aren’t aligned. We recommend going with an organization that is already established to consolidate donations for a greater impact and wider reach.

2. What do you want to give?

What and how you want to give it doesn’t necessarily matter to the beneficiaries but helps you plan yourself. Donations can be achieved in many ways, including but not limited to appreciated assets such as bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. You can also give out cash or arrange a bequest remittable upon your demise. 

3.Create a strategy

A formidable strategy should help you establish why you joined philanthropy and the kind of fulfillment you’re looking forward to after giving. At the same time, some people are compelled by religion or traditions to give away, and the most reason is that it’s a moral obligation that anyone should fulfill if they are in a position to. 

4. Embrace philanthropy with an open mind

Philanthropists aren’t mean when it comes to sharing and giving. Besides giving out your own resources, you can invite friends and family members to join the bandwagon. Moreover, it is important to understand that philanthropy is not a reserved privilege for the wealthy and elite. Get that casual laborer on board, and they can help through volunteering. After all, if your philanthropy is towards education empowerment, keeping a child in school requires more than just money. Some members of your team can give unmatched moral support. 

5. Learn to lead

Lastly, it may interest you to know that the biggest and most successful philanthropists worldwide, such as Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, are leaders by nature. If this doesn’t show prominently in you, you should consider getting advice and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and leaders in your region. You can also watch philanthropic videos and TV series as better ideas arise through watching and copying.

Giving back to society is noble, kind, and generous. If you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for?

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