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This Woman Is a Master at Making Money From Gig Economy Apps — and Wants to Teach You Too

by Stacey Santos

Kaylania Chapman spends upwards of 25 hours a week alone in her Ford Focus, however she constantly has an audience.

That’s because she’s constantly filming for The Blessed Driver, a YouTube channel in which she chronicles her adventures riding for apps like Uber and Postmates. An skilled member of the gig economy, Chapman often stocks honest opinions, relevant information and profession recommendation together with her 5,400 subscribers — and all people else hoping to earn cash with their cars.

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It’s no mystery there’s excellent cash to be made delivering food and applications. About sixteen.Five million Americans have contingent or alternative-arrangement jobs inside the gig economic system. But as offerings like Amazon Flex and Instacart get extra famous, they get greater competitive and contain more approach.

That’s where forty-12 months-vintage Chapman comes in.

“There are numerous people which might be just like me — single mothers accessible struggling, or perhaps they’re in faculty and they’re seeking to make ends meet,” she says. “These [videos] are truly supporting human beings.”

Chapman is on nearly every app available: Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Handy, Rover, Instacart and Amazon Flex, to be specific. She first joined the gig scene in 2016 after she left her process at an assisted care facility.

The apps to begin with appealed to her due to her teen. Chapman preferred that she changed into capable of time table her hours around her son’s agenda, and he or she jumped into grocery delivery carrier Instacart complete-time. Between November 2016 and January 2017, she made nearly $3,300 plus pointers.

“Once I saw I become able to make a steady income, I determined to stay with that,” she says.

Chapman was successful in element because she committed herself to her customers. For first-timers, as an instance, she’d kind out an introductory note permitting them to the recognise the guidelines and telling them to she become there to help.

Her Instacart income have because fallen, which she attributes to the fact that more humans have signed as much as work for them. (The organization has additionally run into prison hassle, in 2017 agreeing to pay out $4.6 million to settle claims with the aid of workers that they weren’t reimbursed and paid properly. Earlier this month, Instacart announced changes to its tip shape after workers complained.)

In addition, Chapman dabbled in Amazon Flex, a carrier that is predicated on contractors to deliver programs, meals from restaurants and a few store orders. But she preferred to do Whole Foods and restaurant deliveries instead of choosing up containers from Amazon warehouses.

“I don’t sense like I need to cram my car full of stuff after which be burdened out trying to supply a package deal in an hour either way,” she says.

The gig apps aren’t constantly sustainable, and Chapman is aware of that. Right now she’s spending between 25 and forty hours a week turning in for various services, operating them “till I’m doing some thing higher,” she adds.

Most days, you could find her in her vehicle, being attentive to NPR, snacking on trail blend and attempting to avoid shopping for fast food as she gives you for GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

She knows her revel in isn’t each person’s, and that’s one factor she tries to make in her motion pictures. “My situation might not be like yours. If I’m making this quantity, if I’m being shortchanged, you won’t be going through the same element,” she says. “I’m declaring the information and speakme about my lifestyles and what’s it like on my end.”

Chapman has big plans for her YouTube account, along with constructing out a spinoff channel wherein she discusses entrepreneurship and branding. The Successful CEO is about to release subsequent month.

In the meantime, Chapman isn’t different with one app. She exams them all often to look that’s most worthwhile, and when her earnings begins fluctuating or the shifts grow to be too tough to get, she surely moves directly to the next one.

“One of the main matters I proportion with subscribers is just realize when your season is up on this platform,” Chapman says. “If you’re beginning to notice you’re burdened out, it might be time to look at getting a normal job.”
Want to Be a (Blessed) Driver? Here Are three of Chapman’s Tips
1. Set goals.

The gigs aren’t intended to ultimate for all time. Chapman recommends you place a purpose, whether or not it’s a sure amount of money you need to earn or a sure closing date you want to meet, so you don’t get stuck in a unproductive cycle of deliveries. Re-evaluate frequently: Is the marketplace still accurate? Are you making progress? Is the pay really worth the effort?
2. Know the differences among the apps.

By this factor, Chapman is aware of what she likes (and dislikes) in an app. Comparing the gigs can assist maximize earnings. For instance, Uber and Lyft permit greater freedom for a motive force to hop on and hop off the apps in quick bursts, in order that they’re better for shorter shifts if you have a hectic afternoon full of plans. Amazon Flex relies on multi-hour blocks that can take longer, so you’ll possibly need to particularly set aside time.
Three. Be cautious.

Chapman discourages humans from setting “all [their] eggs in one basket.” With delivery apps, rates and shift availability can range broadly relying on unpredictable factors like climate and call for. Chapman says “the cash’s going to be remarkable after they first launch,” but matters might also alternate in a while. You need a backup plan — despite the fact that that’s applying for a trendy nine-to-5.

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