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This One Coach Is Disrupting The Entire Coaching Industry. Here’s How.

by Stacey Santos

Alex Moscow is the founder of Congruent Coach, a agency that makes a speciality of helping existence and commercial enterprise coaches/specialists improve the quality of their messaging, pricing, and effect.

Specifically, Alex enables human beings come to be a ways more clear on who they are, what they provide, and the way they provide.

Even greater mainly, he enables coaches up their mental game and internal congruence that will move huge. He allows people cross from charging a few hundred dollars per hour to getting clients at over 6-figures.

Alex himself fees over $100,000 to paintings with him, one-on-one. And humans do it.

Here’s what fascinates me about Alex.

For the longest time, maximum of his life, he has had a stutter. That stutter become a big burden for him. It held him returned in lots of methods.

Until it did not. He determined to turn out to be a a hit communicate and teach irrespective of his stutter. He done all of his desires with a stutter.

He’s helped different people recognise they have no excuse.

But now, he’s decided to go a whole lot larger than just achieve his very own desires. As a result, he determined to place his stutter in his beyond. It’s no longer a part of his identification and story. Now, he’s taking the complete coaching industry with the aid of typhoon.

He believes the education enterprise is ready for a make-over. It’s full of jargon and hype and plenty of incongruence. People within the training global rarely exercise what they hold forth. In truth, most coaches are trapped in a tale that is limiting themselves and their customers.

The first-class coaches charge the best costs.

If you need to turn out to be more congruent, suppose larger and clearer for your self. Go bigger.

The greater you price, the bigger and greater powerful you may show up, and the bigger and greater powerful you will invite others to reveal up.

It becomes a win-win syngery that transforms all and sundry concerned. And sincerely, that is what training is intended to be.

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