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Some People Are Taking ‘Storming Area 51’ More Seriously Than Others

by Stacey Santos

In the cutting-edge of the weird and wacky on the internet, a Facebook occasion entitled “Storm Area fifty-one, They Can’t Stop All of Us” has long gone viral. Over 1.3 million human beings have indicated that they’re going to this three AM shaggy dog story occasion on September twentieth to stage a joint invasion of the military base and eventually “see them, aliens.” The occasion has flooded the net with attack plans and memes.

Some People Are Taking ‘Storming Area 51’ More Seriously Than Others 2

Celebrities like Lizzo, Trevor Noah, Pewdiepie, and Danny Trejo have joined in at the amusing. But while the event’s authentic rationale may also have been to get a few likes and laughs, some are taking the raid a chunk more severely. Hotels and campsites have reportedly received a boost in reservations because of the event, and the Air Force issued a stern warning to any capability raiders.

Area 51 has been a hub of hypothesis and conspiracy theorists when you consider that 1989. In a televised interview, Bob Lazar claimed that he took aside a UFO and study authorities files approximately aliens concerned in existence on Earth as a physicist operating in Area 51.

Although there was no proof to again his claims, the military base has seen that being a pilgrimage website for those satisfied that the authorities are hiding evidence of alien lifestyles. Area 51 become formally identified as a spy aircraft trying out the website in a 2013 CIA declassified file launch in 2013, but this did little to stem the rumors about the base’s secret extraterrestrial functions.

The base’s mystique has been a boon for the tourism enterprise in surrounding Lincoln County. Hotels and shops sell products, tours, and costumes, all highlighting their alien heritage. UFO sightings on one Nevada kingdom road brought about its rechristened because of the “Extraterrestrial Highway.

Nevertheless, the Air Force has been adamant in defensive the secrecy of its operations. Tours can cross up to the border of the Training Range, which inclu borderdes Area fifty-one. Still, trespassing may be punished with fines and/or jail time, as one oblivious tour organization accidentally crossed the border of the compound in 2014.

Lazar and his claims have experienced a resurgence lately. He is the problem of a new Netflix documentary on Area 51 and became interviewed by popular YouTuber and podcaster Joe Rogan in June. This interview has already been viewed over 6 million instances, which may additionally have brought about the Storm Area 51 meme.

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