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Patreon increases $60M Series D, goals worldwide increase and greater customization

by Stacey Santos

The San Francisco-based totally platform that allows greater than one hundred,000 online content creators to manipulate paid club groups for their maximum devoted enthusiasts has raised $60 million in Series D funding.

Glade Brook Capital, a past due-stage fund primarily based in Greenwich, Conn., led this round, with participation from previous traders like Index Ventures, CRV, Thrive Capital, Initialized, and DFJ Growth. This totals $165 million in investment that Patreon has raised given that its founding in 2013.

Patreon increases $60M Series D, goals worldwide increase and greater customization 2

In February, I published a 5-part collection analyzing Patreon’s founding story, product evolution, enterprise, competition, and overarching vision. The enterprise has prioritized set up creators who can generate $1,000+ in keeping with the month in membership sales as its middle client and is centered on being the underlying platform they use to manage relationships with superfans thru a CRM, price processing, and gating of exceptional access to content and discussion organizations.

It makes cash utilizing reducing each writer’s month-to-month revenue earned from their fans’ Patreon memberships. Benefits capability: integrating with more tech systems the usage of the Patreon API to ensure only paying individuals receive get admission to creators’ one-of-a-kind discussion agencies on Discord or Discourse, receive special badges that mark them as a patron on Reddit, and so on.

Premium functions: including more functions to the brand new Pro and Premium pricing stages it released in March, which provides greater offerings and functionality to creators in exchange for a higher cut of their membership sales (eight% and 12% — plus payment processing fees — respectively, in comparison to 5% for the unique Lite tier).
Page customization: allowing creators to customize their Patreon pages by converting hues, layout, and font to fit their very own logo.

Merchandising: increasing Patreon’s merchandise fulfillment for creators who provide merch as praise to their enthusiasts who join a given membership tier via adding worldwide shipping options and greater merch products to pick for custom branding. International enlargement: ensuring Patreon is available in more languages and may have difficulty coping with worldwide payments, plus staffing new offices in Porto (Portugal) and different places but being finalized.

When I asked Conte whether or not he plans to use this new investment to make extra acquisitions — Patreon acquired the white-label membership management platform Memberful ultimate summertime — he responded that there are not any deals currently in the pipeline, but M&A is truly on the table if they perceive the proper opportunity:

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