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Open a Newfield National Bank Checking Account with These Top Benefits

by Stacey Santos

When you open a Newfield National Bank Checking Account, you will be able to take advantage of these top benefits: – Free standard checks for life – No minimum balance requirement – Withdraw cash without an ATM fee at any Allpoint ATM nationwide. Even if you don’t live near one of our branches, an account can be opened anywhere in the U. S.

Newfield National Bank

Newfield National Bank Checking Account can be opened anywhere in the U.S. Withdraw cash without an ATM fee at any Allpoint ATM nationwide. Free standard checks for life – No minimum balance requirement. Withdraw money without an ATMs fee at ballpoint ATMs.

About Newfield National Bank

Newfield National Bank offers its customers various services, including wealth management, commercial banking, consumer banking, and international banking. Since 1934, Newfield National Bank has provided its customers with quality banking services. Newfield National Bank is always close by with locations throughout Upstate New York. Whether you’re looking for an online checking account or a personal loan, Newfield National Bank can help!

How to Open a Newfield National Bank Checking Account

People who want to open a Newfield national bank checking account need to make sure they have a driver’s license or another form of identification and a social security number and photo ID. To open a new national bank checking account, people should provide their driver’s license, social security number, and photo ID.

Things you should keep in your Mind

Newfield National Bank Routing Number

Newfield National Bank is a bank headquartered in Albany, NY. A routing number is a number assigned to a financial institution by The American Bankers Association (ABA) to identify the location of the bank’s main office. Banks need to be given a unique routing number by the ABA to make electronic fund transfers and online bill payments. The American Bankers Association assigns a unique routing number to each deposit account and transfers the funds when a new online banking customer adds their funds to their account.

“Just like traditional banks, online bank customers can also set up recurring transfers, including direct deposits,” said Arlan Sudman, ABA’s Senior Director of Industry Relations. “Some online banks offer more flexibility in setting up and managing these types of transactions than others, so it is important to do some due diligence before choosing an online bank to help ensure you’re getting the features you need to manage your money.”

Here are the top 15 online banks according to a survey conducted by ABA between October 20, 2017, and January 8, 2018, based on total assets:

Newfield National Bank Mobile Banking

Newfield National Bank Mobile Banking allows customers to conduct their banking on the go, 24 hours a day. Whether it’s viewing account balances, locating the nearest branch, or downloading the latest financial update, Newfield National Bank Mobile Banking offers all of this and more. Bank customers can access their account information for free, even without an account with Newfield National Bank. For account holders, the app provides one-touch account management. Account-holders can view their available balance, recent transactions, and account activity.

For merchants, the app allows for quick transaction processing without a checkout page, bringing the total number of mobile transactions processed by Pay with Square to 2 million per day. In addition, the merchant can set up recurring payments and inventory tracking. Pay with Square was named one of “Best Mobile Banking Apps” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine in May 2016.

Newfield National Bank Savings Rates

Every time you save money at Newfield National Bank, you can earn more on your savings with higher interest rates. We can give you rates because we have partnered with over 70 top insurance companies, which allows us to offer you the best rates for your coverage needs. Compare our rates with others, and find the best fit for your needs!

How Newfield National Bank Rates Compare

Newfield National Bank’s annual percentage yield is 0.02%. There are only three banks in Newfield that offer a higher APY, and they are all regional banks with fewer branches. Only three banks provide a higher annual percentage yield than Newfield National Bank in Newfield. The average yield for the country’s ten highest paying banks was 2.12%, compared to 1.54% for the ten lowest-paying banks, according to data from Morningstar Inc., a Chicago-based provider of investment research.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to making sure we have a voice in helping guide our community,” said Charles R. Moore, president, and CEO of Newfield National Bank.

Mobile Banking App Reduces Inconvenience

A mobile banking app may reduce inconvenience for users who can complete banking transactions and manage finances from their mobile devices. Mobile banking apps may lessen the inconvenience of managing finances from a mobile device. With mobile banking apps, users may check their account balances, transfer funds, and pay bills without visiting a physical bank branch. Additionally, these services may allow customers to receive financial advice from financial professionals and download apps that help monitor credit scores and report fraud. One potential disadvantage of mobile banking apps is the possibility of fraudulent activity or identity theft related to apps with which customers are unfamiliar.

Newfield National Bank’s President and CEO

Newfield National Bank’s President and CEO, Gregory T. Chase, is a Wharton School of Business graduate at the University of Pennsylvania. Gregory T. Chase graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Chase was born in 1962 and raised in a working-class family in Paterson, New Jersey. His father was an auto mechanic who instilled a work ethic in his son that Chase said helped fuel his ambition to become a billionaire one day.


Newfield National Bank (NNB) is currently offering an interest rate of 0.85% on its checking account. This is not the highest interest rate on the market, but it may be attractive to new customers who are just starting. The promotional interest rate only lasts until January 31, 2020, so it’s best to check with the bank sooner than later.

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