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Charming Charlie to close all 261 stores after second financial ruin in years

by Stacey Santos

Another store is going bust: Charming Charlie Holdings plans to close its closing 261 stores after filing for financial ruin safety for the second time in a few years. On Thursday, the garb and accessories vendor stated it had stopped online income and expects to conclude its going-out-of-commercial enterprise income by way of the stop of August.

Charming Charlie to close all 261 stores after second financial ruin in years 2

Privately-held Charming Charlie, which had shops and operations in 38 states, shuttered about a hundred stores during its prior bout in Chapter eleven financial disaster, which commenced in December 2017 and lasted until April 2018. That attempt at restructuring its operations and debt “were genuinely now not sufficient to stabilize the borrowers’ groups and make certain lengthy-term profitability,” in step with its cutting-edge financial ruin submitting.

The corporation predicted having approximately $19.8 million in present playing cards remarkable and expected more or less $7.8 million of that to be redeemed. It requested the bankruptcy court for permission to honor gift cards for 30 days. Charming Charlie, which has $82 million in debt and employs about three 300 human beings, additionally noted: “vast headwinds given the continued decline of the bricks-and-mortar retail enterprise.

It also faulted the impact of change price-lists for decreased customer spending, in addition to the negative climate in advance in the yr for keeping would-be consumers at domestic. Founded in 2004, Charming Charlie became regarded for arranging its products using color, with its array such as many as 26 colors.

On Thursday, the Houston-based agency said having about $6,000 in cash on hand and stated its planned liquidation income could convey in $30 million in sales. Second Avenue Capital and White Oak Commercial Finance offer $thirteen million in debtor-in-possession financing to fund the agency’s operations through the brand new financial ruin.

The store’s loss of life is the modern-day in a string of such failures and is derived two months after Dress Barn stated it would its roughly 650 shops and a year after Toys R Us closed, save, and laid off approximately 33,000 employees.

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