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Why the ‘Student Debt Forgiveness’ Debate Needs to Consider Chronic Illness

by Stacey Santos

A disheartening trend in present-day events is the continued polarization of viewpoints, often driven via assumptions, absolutes, and preferred loss of empathy. In the midst of the modern discussions on pupil loan forgiveness, I see not unusual arguments that the ones calling for debt alleviation are “entitled,” “lazy,” “irresponsible,” or lacking in work ethic. This poses every other big burden on those people with chronic contamination. When we sense like we already have to exert greater effort in all areas of our lives, the hits hold coming.

Why the 'Student Debt Forgiveness' Debate Needs to Consider Chronic Illness 2

In response to those often sharing strongly-worded and condescending evaluations claiming taxpayers have now not to undergo the load of others’ monetary irresponsibility or maybe “laziness,” I offer a trade perspective. What about the person that worked difficultly, did no longer take “extra time” in faculty, held jobs while getting their bachelor’s degree, sacrificed years in their existence to turn out to be a doctor who ended in over $2 hundred,000 in scholar loans, and then at some point of residency advanced a rare and debilitating continual contamination? Then she had 20 surgical procedures within two years and collected greater debt because of medical payments and having to take leaves of absence from work. This character does not qualify for

scholar loan forgiveness on the premise of incapacity because she remains considered “nicely sufficient” to paintings with the aid of the Social Security Administration, and they are unmarried. Hence, she has no choice, however, to paintings complete-time. It’s additionally too overdue to transition right into a less physically demanding career. On top of that, keep in mind the reality that tuition and the cost of residing have extended disproportionately to earnings.

What are the options for that person? What approximately the consistent cycle of wishing she had gotten sick early sufficient in life to abort a highly-priced training or, probably worse, that she turned into disabled sufficient now not to paintings — a notion technique driven by desires to relieve any factors of the economic, physical and emotional burden that is a continual infection? Is it feasible that this individual asking for student loan forgiveness may additionally, without a doubt, be operating more difficult, or at least expending greater electricity, by in reality seeking to live to tell the tale on this society?

Do no longer mistake struggling for whining or entitlement. There are not options for people who’ve made financially sound career choices and struggle because of instances out in their manipulate. Everything has long passed to such extremes, leaving no solutions for those trapped inside the center. And this person isn’t always hypothetical. This individual exists. This person is me.

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