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Contract notes report stock marketplace transactions

by Stacey Santos

An agreement note is a criminal document that includes the details of inventory marketplace transactions undertaken to utilize a member of an inventory trade on behalf of a consumer. The format and content of a settlement word are specified using the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi). It should clearly identify the consumer and mention the particular patron code assigned by the member. Similarly, it should become aware of the buying and selling member using Sebi registration variety and buying and selling member code.

Contract notes report stock marketplace transactions 2

Be aware should provide the applicable settlement variety and period for transactions. Also, it ought to contain the details of transactions which include the securities sold or offered, amount, the gross rate in keeping with protection, general transaction price, brokerage, and other statutory levies. It ought to additionally provide the order variety, trade number, and alternate time for every transaction. It can be issued electronically however should be digitally signed.

Contract notes provide upward push to contractual rights and responsibilities of events to an alternate. Consequently, an investor should make sure that they get hold of a settlement to be aware of the stock dealer for every transaction. It is the criminal evidence in case of any disputes.

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