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Y Combinator-Backed Mudrex Helps Non-Coders Create Crypto Trading Bots

by Stacey Santos

After working in closed beta for the past few months, Murex, part of the Y Combinator Winter 2019 batch, is expanding to a much more extensive, international target audience. The platform lets crypto traders automate their trading techniques without writing a single line of code.

“It appears apparent that the crypto markets, which were created by way of programmers, might be smooth to change the use of algorithms. Unfortunately, that’s now not the case. Mudras make it easy for buyers to construct clever, signals-based totally trading structures and release them quickly. This appears like a green part of the destiny,” stated Y Combinator accomplice Aaron Harris.

Y Combinator-Backed Mudrex Helps Non-Coders Create Crypto Trading Bots 2

Based in Bangalore, India, Mudrex can be defined as a Zapier for crypto traders. Users can go onto the platform to set their predefined trading rules via a drag and drop interface. Their buying and selling techniques can also be backtested on historical statistics. Bitmex and Finance are the most effective supported exchanges; however, extra are predicted to be added inside the near destiny.

In terms of who could advantage from Murex, CEO Rohit Goyal said, “There are tens of millions of traders who are trading manually simply due to the fact, for individual traders or small prop shops it’s far high-quality difficult to build the entire automated trading infrastructure because it requires coding abilities in more than one programming languages, good know-how of databases and building scalable systems as it’s miles computational heavy. This itself can fee a man or woman trader or prop shops up to $one hundred,000 and six months of efforts to construct the gadget from scratch. With Mudrex, they can automate their buying and selling inside mins, without spending a greenback or months putting in place a device.”

Goyal brought that Mudrex’s goal is to democratize entry to algorithmic buying and selling by permitting people who do not realize how to code to create their trading bots. According to Goyal, even low-cost character investors who handiest trade some hundred dollar’s worth of crypto belongings can advance age from Murex.

In terms of revenue, Murex runs on a subscription-primarily based model that debts for things just like the granularity of to be had candle time durations and range of backtests. The lowest subscription tier may be free, and the entire platform is open for the following months. Long term, Goyal says the platform will have greater social-primarily based functions such as a market between buyers and traders wherein traders can mechanically comply with the trades made by their investors. There are also plans to open up the platform to computerized trading on new conventional markets.

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