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Tricks, suggestions, and offers to save you money at Calgary Stampede 2019

by Stacey Santos

The Stampede is an important time of yr for Calgary… and Calgarian wallets. Entry to the show costs cash, meals prices money, taking in a live performance or a rodeo event charges cash… everything at The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth appears to have a fee tag connected. So, to assist out our readers, we’ve supplied a few guidelines for playing the display without filing for financial ruin once it’s all stated and performed.


When it comes to saving cash to park on the grounds, it’s nice to keep away from doing that at all expenses. There are many stations alongside the train traces imparting unfastened parking, and the cost of a train price ticket is a good deal cheaper than parking at the grounds.


There are paid concert events to enjoy if you’ve were given the dough; however, if you don’t want to shell out an extra coin, it’s pleasant to remember that each live performance accomplished on the Coca-Cola degree is definitely unfastened to look at.

Food and drink

A mainstay of the Calgary Stampede is its unfastened pancake breakfasts. Some of these occur at the Stampede floor; however, many more are happening across the town. Another way to keep cash on food and drinks is to seize dinner somewhere else, as there are lots of eating places near Stampede Park, and of direction, there’s continually the choice of consuming at domestic earlier than you head to the show.

On the display grounds, there are inexpensive ingesting alternatives as nicely. While there are full-on restaurants, consuming there gets highly-priced fast. Focus on the meals companies selling corndogs and other snack ingredients for pretty reasonably-priced. Bringing in an empty water bottle and filling it up at water fountains during the park is likewise a clean way to store some greenbacks.

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