The Union Budget 2019 holds promise for the domestic sun enterprise, that’s eagerly expecting the announcement of the overall bundle of blessings for the Power zone in fashionable, and for Solar region specifically. The sun producers are recommended that the Finance Minister is eager on launching a scheme to ask international businesses to set up mega-production vegetation in sunrise and advanced generation areas which includes Semi-conductor Fabrication, Solar Photo Voltaic cells,

Lithium storage batteries, Solar electric powered charging infrastructure, and so on. Thru transparent aggressive bidding and offer them funding linked profits tax exemptions beneath section 35 AD of Income Tax Act and other oblique tax blessings. Other comprehensive rules like Kusum Yojana that majorly highlights solarisation of existing grid linked agri – pumps and new installations of standalone sun agri – pumps have been additionally shared throughout the high-quality budget speech provided with the aid of the Finance Minister, given the restricted timespan she got in her new cabinet role.

Further ‘One Nation One Grid’ scheme for inexpensive power, the extra capital infusion of Rs 70,000 crores in PSBs for support in financing new capability and in such as the firms with turnover past Rs 250 crores, as much as Rs 400 crores in the 25% Corporate Tax charge to lead them to aggressive.

The pre-Budget assertion about Farmer URJA in her initial meeting on agriculture can be a massive increase for the solar enterprise. The raising of Farmer’s earnings thru manufacturing of solar power via nearly Rs 1 lac in line with the year is any other important opportunity that we may additionally miss if the arena fails to take off, as solar is akin to harvesting the third crop for the Indian farmer. This will no doubt cross a long way in the sector assisting within the fruition of the Make in India goals, but these do no longer cope with the pain points that plague the enterprise and threaten its survival at this nascent degree.


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